Nip Tuck

Last week’s discussion on plastic surgery reminded me of an article I wrote for my school news paper senior year on plastic surgery. First, let me give you a little bit of background information: I grew up in Los Angeles, on the west side, and went to a private school in Santa Monica. Needless to say, plastic surgery wasn’t exactly taboo. Not only did students have parents who had had “work done,” several students themselves had things “fixed.” A boob job, or nose job, was not an infrequent graduation present. This, and how popular plastic surgery has become in our culture still bothers me, and baffles me at the same time.

Although I completely support reconstructive surgery, and respect doctors who can fix a face which has been mangled in an accident, or from a sever burn, plastic cosmetic surgery really freaks me out. When I was doing interviews for my article, I was surprised to see how many students (particularly female students) felt they needed work done, to completely “feel like themselves.” Have we really entered into an era where one cannot feel like herself without having larger breasts?

Our cultures new definition of beauty, and the strive for perfection scares me and makes me think that perhaps we really are on our way to waking up in a world where everyone looks the same…. What happened to beauty being in the eye of the beholder? I don’t know exactly were I’m going with this, but I just think that people need to step away from commercial culture for a little bit and once again appreciate the differences in our appearances. Personally, I find the most beautiful people to be the most unique looking ones, not the ones that look like everybody else.

I hope that we are able to move away from this addiction to “perfection” and love our physical differences. This addiction to plastic surgery is insane, the cat woman—even if she wants to call her body a canvas, is insane, or at least has some kind of screw loose, as far as I’m concerned. Though I’m no one to judge, the idea of spending thousands of dollars to make myself look like someone, or something else just sounds crazy. And, not only is all this surgery expensive, it’s dangerous…. I don’t know, I hope that people are able to get over the whole plastic surgery thing… which I can see being considered an art form- because it takes a lot of skill… but still… really? Is this really where our culture is headed?


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