plastination [alon_nachshon]

A few years ago I went to the human body plastination exhibition and I found it quite astonishing. Understanding the full schema of the human body is a difficult task, so having almost a complete layout of the muscular system on display is a huge step towards a complete understanding. What is so counter-intuitive about the human body is that it can be so superficially explained in its general processes, but the details are infinite. This is what makes the human body a form of art; simple and childish to over lookers but profound and intricate to those who are interested. To me biology is the greatest piece of art in this world. I am fascinated by the controversy between Darwinism and Creationalism because I find comfort in scientific reason, but then there will be a loss of art if all is completely explained and there is no higher being responsible for some of the piece-work.

Another interesting work that was discussed this week in class was the project John Carpenter worked on at Caltech. What is cool about this project is that it is basically a virtual encyclopedia of the anatomy of an animal. Lastly, regarding MRI’s, I’ve had a few heart MRI scans in my life because of an open heart surgery operation that I had here at UCLA when I was 4½ months old. The MRI machine is both a very dangerous and very useful machine. Because of its insane magnetic strength it is always scary going inside one, but I do it anyways because it can tell my doctor almost anything he wants to know.

On the topic of muscle art ….

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