plastination biotechnique jack kutilek 6

I wish I had the link to that image of the person wearing like 5 collared shirts. I tried so hard to find it but I couldn’t. I was one of my favorite things I’ve seen in this class. But onwards to art and technology: the whole plastination exhibit seemed very interesting to me and at the same time very familiar, though I cannot remember ever seeing it. Maybe I saw some TV special on it or something. I do think that is an amazing way to use technology and science to create works of art. It puts scientific information through a technological process and outputs interesting sculptures to look at and think about. And while other examples of art and science are good also, they tend to lean towards the art side. Plastination seems to have an equal balance of art and science, and therefore it is a superior example.

While looking for something similar, I found something similar. There is an art exhibition called biotechnique, and it is all about using living and semi living things to create art. They use modern biotechnology to create art. Example: Denise King made a terrarium that he “painted” with different bacteria that he let grow inside. The artists in this exhibition relate to their work as caretakers or technicians, instead of artists, as their art pieces are alive. The exhibit is still going on until jan 6 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It is an interesting exhibit and an example of how technology links science and art in the modern world. Da link:

I think that a lot of biotechnical art tends to be gross. I don’t disagree that it is art, I just think it is gross and I don’t find it appealing to look at myself, though I now people probably do. The ideas are interesting and that is what makes it the art and science that it is. Thoughts out.


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