A new step to explore endless void

        This week, there are some interesting things during the Wednesday lecture.  The lecturer, Richard Clar brought us to an entire new level of art and sciences.  To really summarize his projects, I can say it contain one major element that is different from most of the project proposal that I heard of now.  That element is astronomy and it was one giant step for us human to cross over with.

        Space is a void where we can’t live under such environment naturally.  Therefore, it always triggers our interest to explore it.  Ironically, the development of aero-space sciences is urged from the need for war.  During Cold War time, USSR and the US are both at high tensions and series of arms races are going on.  The development of space navigation was spurred by the launch of Sputnik by Russia.  Later, the US followed and organized NASA to explore the mystery in space.  Now, USSR was dismissed from history, but the developments and research data still remain.  We continued to explore the outer space and launch more and more space missions.

        Richard Clar makes series of interesting proposals hereby.  His first project was to launch a space dolphin to transmit signals.  The interesting point here is that dolphins are known for transmit ultra-frequency signals.  The design of space dolphin may significantly improve transmission efficiency and aesthetic at the same time.  It was a bold step to achieve new field of engineering and also the incorporation of both art and science.  Unfortunately, the plan was cancelled by NASA due to the Columbia space shuttle incidence.  It will definitely be a new breakthrough if the plan was carried out.

        His second plan was also an interesting one.  The second plan involves the meteoroid planet model.  This appeal to me like a proposal to recreate Saturn through art.  Saturn was known for its rings due to gravitation force interactions between the “moon on Saturn” and Saturn itself.

        However, the third project is another greater project.  It involves of sending signals into the void and hopefully be picked up by aliens someday.  This reminds me of “The Letter to Aliens” sent by NASA a long time ago.  The letter contains approximately average human size proportions and also the introduction to hydrogen atoms.  This whole letter was sent by space ship and travel into the void with the function of gravitational forces.  No one has any idea where this spaceship might be now.  The signal in his project is another form of message and technical challenge.  Signals nowadays are electromagnetic signals.  The signals vary with frequency, amplitude, and phases.  In other words, signals travel through waves.  However, due to this reason, there are some difficulties in sending a signal far away into universe from Earth.  The reason is that wave interfere each other and Sun by itself is a gigantic wave disrupter.  The solar wind and light waves will interfere with the electric signals and thus disrupt the message and not to say that there are more than one stars outside the solar system.  The message will only be clearly delivered if the receivers know how to sort out the wave pattern.  Still, his project posts an interesting challenge to out technology and successfully binds science and art together.

A type of alien suggested in the game Halo


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