A Truly Original Art

I had seen the ads for Body Worlds, but never actually made it around to ever seeing it.  By now, I had almost forgotten about this amazing thing until it was re-revealed to me in class on Monday.  It seemed like an interesting idea to me at the time, but I never realized until now, what an amazing feet this really is.  The fact that we can observe human bodies, underneath the skin, in all sorts of poses is absolutely wonderful.

It’s easy to see why an exhibit like this would be of interest to so many people.  The very fact that it is both science and art allows it to appeal to such a wide audience.  Scientists, I am sure, must find this to be quite interesting: being able to see the muscles, tissues, and all other parts of the human body in their natural state.  The ability to actually see these sorts of things must be of much use to researchers, doctors and students alike.  Even the process of plastination itself is something that I find intriguing.  As someone interested in chemistry, I am amazed that some fairly basic chemicals can create a preserved body like that.

And of course, we cannot forget about the fact that these bodies double as an amazing piece of artwork.  The body has always been a key subject in the arts for hundreds of years.  Good painters have always been praised for their abilities to portray the body.  Exceptional praise is often shown to those who can create in a still art form.  The Body Worlds bodies do exactly that.  Each figure at Body Worlds nicely portrays action stuck in time.  A truly original art: Body Worlds has now shown the world something it has never seen before 


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