Body worlds- Carlos Chorro

I usually am not a big fan of surgery shows or people being cut open but i am a big fan of bodyworlds. Out of all the topics talked about in lecture I found the idea of bodyworlds to be the most intriguing and fascinating. The reality of it all is mindboggling as well as very artistic in a sense. Plastination is a new subject to me, I would have never thought a human body could be exposed in such a informative and educational manner.

Plastination definitely does capture the imagination and portrays the human body in a way never seen before. As much as i would like to see it in person just looking at it online makes me want to go to an actual exhibit.  I would most likely be most interested in the exhibits in which it should human motion in certain situations such as running or playing a sport. I would like to see how everything works and comes together just for my body to do such a trivial and simple motion as swinging a bat or taking a jumpshot. But I am sure that i would also be interested in other exhibits such as the nervous system and the circulatory system.

I also think it is a very effective way to show people the negative affects on the body. One exhibit showing the lungs of a smoker seemed particularly disgusting yet very educational. It is clear cut evidence and realistic exposure to the negative affects. Nobody can argue that. It also achieves more artistic value because it is controversial and makes people think inside and outside the body, literally. I think this exhibit should become a field trip of some sort for 8th graders. Personally, I would enjoy going now but i know it would have been very inspirational.

Gunther von Hagens is truly an innovator for creating plastination. Anatomy was never an intriguing subject for me at all but through these projects I have a heightened appreciation for whats going on inside. To go one step further with this subject i would like to know if any animals have been plastinated, I mean i know some have already but is there a exhibit specifically dedicated to animals? I would also like to know the limitations to plastination and what can cannot be plastinated. This subject is so fascinating i might want to expand on it for a final project.


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