Modern Age Mummies / Anatomy Chart ~ Edwin Chavez

I never tire of the human anatomy; I’ve drawn so many sketches of the human anatomy that I remember every detail.  The plastination medium Body Worlds uses to convey the anatomy of the human body as well as different types of human body works is truly amazing. I believe the preservation and display of organelles, the bones, the brains, the nerves, even the eyes and eyeleashes through the miracle of modern plastics staging dozens of departed human bodies along with its processes including liquids and fats is the best way to emphasize health care for our own body. The range may consists of how a fetus is developed inside it’s mother to how food is churned in the stomach and gall bladder splurts out bile in the small intestines. I’ve learned in theory, animation, drawings, and even by less intriguing toy models, but I’ve never actually seen it happen as vividly and ‘memorably.’ It definitely has been a long way since Da Vinci used to dig up cadavers in grave yards and dissect them to get a better sense of the body.

I also do wonder how the bodies are staged in such particular positions like the ballerina, football and yoga positions. Also, I wonder if these people had any relationship to such lifestyles;  I suppose most didn’t have quite a strict relationship due to there not having plentiful “archetypes.” Thus, the exhibit would be more fascinating if they each had their story.   The human body is truly amazing as a work of art and genius science and I’m definitely running a fifth marathon versus smoking.

Kittiwat Unarrom’s Body Bakery is another form of shocking art although I could not accept depicting the many body parts into the shapes of bread as “conceptual art.” I think it is psychologically disturbing and densensitizing for the youngest generations. I think this kind of concept is less appealing due to it not being educational and for mirroring cannabilsm.  I would not introduce this concept, schema, paradigm shift, to an infant or toddler, what if he tries to bite my hand when I’m sleeping.  However, it is definitely is something that made you stop and think though not as plausible.


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