Week 6. Patty Durongwong. Body World

Last weeks lecture was actually disturbing to me in many ways. The things that stood out to me the most were the Body World exhibition and the guy who baked bloody body parts. The Body world exhibition connects both the anatomy of the human body as well as the art in displaying these magnificant feats in different styles and with such accuracy. I was rather disturbed by the video showing the mummification of the cadavers and the slicing of those cadavers – it appeared to be intensely untraditional and for me – unheard of. This debate ties in to the ethics of art and how far science can go to make art. Although the process was primarily used for research and exploration purposes, I can not quite understand the beauty in it. I have heard by word of mouth that the body world exhibition is absolutely fascinating but I never actually thought about the art aspect of it. The lecture on Monday definetely broadened my views on how art and science have converged into this amazing exhibit – right before our eyes.

The other video that really caught my interest was the video on the guy whom sculpted body parts and baked them as…well edible eats. First off, the guy was Thai so I understood what he was saying. Secondly, all the people were Thai – including the kids – so i understood what they were saying. What really surprised me was that the little kids were in not so much afraid of the bloody breads but curious. They were asking if its really edible and if they can eat and looking into the glass containers as if it was candy inside. They were without a doubt – fascinated. Personally, when i first saw these baked body parts – i was afraid and disgusted. It is interesting how the kids were simply just curious and amazed. The guy said that if he baked it, people would buy it – or else he wouldn’t bake it. Its interesting how if someone creates something rather unique and unheard of – people will be interested in it regardless of its practicality or aesthetic appeal. People are innately interested in things they have never seen before. This may be where art and science can even further converge – when they both work to invent something that civilization has never seen before. These very inventions and discoveries are what people are so very interested in.


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