David Wieser – Week 7

The battle between the Neo-Nazis and the Anarchists in Prague confused me somewhat. I’ve read a few news articles on the incident but haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. Are the anarchists an organized group of people or are they just the people in general that opposed the neo-nazis? Why did the neo-nazis bring molotov cocktails? Evidently, they were doing more than just a demonstration. It sounds like it would have been a bit terrifying to be there during this incident.Unfortunately, I did not find Mr. Clar’s work particularly interesting. I’ve never been vastly interested in the concept of space, space travel, or space anything. I like Earth. Anyway, I did like the idea of putting some sort of artwork into orbit. I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps it just seems funny that you’d have to convince NASA that your work is genuinely practical as opposed to just artistic. The idea of a dolphin-shaped object using dolphin speech to communicate with extraterrestrials sounds ridiculous. Why dolphin speech? Why would aliens understand that over English? There isn’t any reason that I can discern. I find it extremely hard to believe that NASA would approve the project, especially considering how much it costs in fuel to get stuff into space. The dolphin itself, however, was intriguingly implemented. Because it’s not a full shape and more like a wireframe, it almost looks like a constellation or something in the sky. It seems to use solar cells and an alloy that is activated by sunlight in space. Very strange and fairly interesting. Space is a vacuum, right? Therefore, I’m pretty sure sound can’t even travel through space. I still can’t believe NASA approved this. People are strange.

The COLLISION II project was minorly interesting as well. I had no idea that there was so much debris orbiting Earth. I mean, it makes sense. I had just not considered it before. The graphical representation of space debris around earth was interesting as well. I thought at the time that the little debris graphics were all the debris that NASA could see. However, on Char’s website, I now see that it is the constellation he made with debris. I’m not sure why this is particularly artistic. Picking random debris pieces and calling it an artistic constellation does not sound difficult to me. Perhaps I missed the point or perhaps I’m just not artistic. The idea is interesting, but I would imagine that any 192 pieces of debris you picked would look pretty much the same.


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