Clar’s Projects by Carlos Chorro

I found Richard Clars lecture on Wednesday to be very inspirational and enlightening. His focus on space is portrayed in his projects by the deep thought and vast feeling explained in lecture. The project that i found quite fascinating and effective was the helmet. I thought it clearly depicted the tunnel vision and ignorance television can create. I really liked the message of this project as well as its sleek design. This project made me think of how television affects us in this day and age and the role television plays in society. Every conversation starts with did you see the game on tv last night? Or- did you see that new episode of that tv show last night? Its quite despicable how many people’s lives revolve around motion picture and i would like to make a project similar to this in which a person is literally glued to a couch and has a Box where theres a tv screen that covers their entire head. I believe a project like this would be very similar to the project Richard Clar developed in the sense that it would make the user very uncomfortable and force them to think about the effects of television. A project like this would also be a very good combination of technology and art because of the message behind it. Of course my design would have be flawless in the same way as Richard Clars was to achieve the same level of effectiveness.  I find that the time and effort needed to perfect an art project makes its purpose that much stronger and easier to see from the perspective of others. Richard Clars helmet was a not very elaborate idea and was a somewhat simple concept to grasp but its design aided his purpose and made me think more then i would have if he had used a regular bicycle helmet with a car side mirror. I also liked the aerodynamic shoes because of their design. I feel this project also achieved what the helmet did with the design because it was a similar design but for a completely different aspect. I will now take this into account in my projects.

I also enjoyed Richard Clars project collision 2. This project particularly relates to me because I am an engineer and it is very interesting to hear about projects like this one. The physics incorporated in this project is fascinating. I now have a new found appreciation for the delicate inventions one can create when fusing together space and art. It is clear to me now that the design and presentation is important if not most important in creating a art and technology project. Richard Clars helped me come to this conclusion with his projects and i commend him for this. I am glad to be a part of this years desma 9 class because of this lecture.


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