Communication Mediums of Today – Tiffany Leung

I thought Professor Vesna’s experience in Prague last weekend has got to be very surreal and sort of scary at the same time. I had saw the demonstration a little bit on the news over the weekend, but did not think much of it because, like most things on the news, the event was half the world away from where I am. When Professor Vesna actually shared her real life experience with us, it brought the demonstration closer to home because there was a person that I see every week who was affected by it. So much of what is happening in our world today is so critical and does much more damage to people than these neonazi demonstrations, such as Wars and Genocides. However, there rarely ever realized by ordinary students like us because of the difference in culture and political frameworks of our worlds. I like that technology helps us to reach out to those countries and to be able to find out everything that is going on in the world through a few clicks on the internet through YouTube or Google. The way that art forms through technology such as television, movies, and music allows us to somewhat recognize the the things that are happening around us. This also reminds me of the type of alert systems that have been showing up on media networks that are becoming more popular. The AmberAlert system has been used in the past decade, using freeway signs and news feeds to channel information about missing children to the public. You’ll be able to read more about it on here: .

The other day, when I logged onto my MySpace, there was a new feature that alerted me that there was actually a current Amber Alert in my area. I thought to myself that this new communication medium is a great way for many people to be even more aware of Amber Alerts since MySpace and Facebook type of sites have grown into large social networks, like the ones we learned about a few weeks ago.

Communication with Aliens also come into play this week when we had Richard Clar speak to us about his projects and the founding of Art Technologies in 1987.  Even though space exploration and our knowledge of everything beyond Earth has grown considerably within the past century, I think that Clar’s projects to attempt communication with other lifeforms is important to the future of our outer space endeavors.  I do have to agree that there are plenty of issues we need to resolve before we do move onto using places other than Earth to live, such as war, poverty, and world hunger. However, there are plenty of people and projects who are working toward those goals as well. I feel like it is important to work on the things in the future so that when the future comes, we might be a little more prepared for it. I look forward to learning more about Richard Clar’s projects in the next weeks of class, and in the direction that Art Technology is moving us.


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