Dolphins in Space

Richard Clar was a very interesting guest speaker, not to mention a perfect one for this class. His projects really do sort of take the art and science merger to the next level… And, although at first I was slightly skeptical about the whole putting art work into space deal—mainly because it’s going to cost a lot of money if you think about it, and personally, I think that before we set art into orbit, we should perhaps put more funding into public schools, public health care, etc.—all that aside, it’s a really cool idea. And, obviously the money we spend on this isn’t going to be directed to any of the places I think need it anyway, so we mind as well…

So, politics aside, Clar’s idea of space dolphins is really cool, in my opinion. First of all, I love dolphins, they’re my favorite animal and whenever I played those games where you had to pick an animal that started with the same letter as your first name, a dolphin was always it… Anyway, in addition to my love of dolphins, I think the idea of using art and creativity to try and connect with other life forms is fantastic idea. Art itself is one of the few things which can transcend language barriers, age groups, social groups, races and genders—that is to say, there are certain works of art which do not require specific background knowledge, or education to understand. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I love art so much, that the meaning can be inferred despite where one comes from. Individuals all over the world can be moved by a specific artwork, despite cultural differences and such (with some art at least). So, why not use this universal tool of sorts, to communicate to what is perhaps out there.

It was also interesting to speak of life on other planets, because I feel like it’s not something that really gets talked about anymore by a lot of educated people, or at least hasn’t been in any of my classes, yet when you think about it, the probability that we are the only life forms in the entire universe is very small. So I think Clar’s idea, when it comes down to it, is a very interesting one, and I support it. Though, I’ll be honest, I was slightly skeptical at first, after thinking it over, my conclusion is that it’s a fantastic idea, and why not give it a shot. Though, part of me is a little scared to look to the future the way Clar does… space hotels kinda freak me out… it’s a little too Starwars for me… not that it wouldn’t be awesome, it just… I don’t know, perhaps I am one of those people that is a little scared of such drastic scientific changes… Although saying this, I am realizing that I sound like one of the people in the 60s that was scared of change… I can’t help but hope that I don’t sound like George in Albee’s Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf, with the whole history/science and being afraid of scientific change and the advancements of technology… Anyway, now I’m going off on a totally different tangent.

I also believe I’ve seen his work that’s in Las Vegas.
Oh, and I also think that I forgot to sign in because my section sheet was not with the other two when they got passed back, if I remember correctly…


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