Freedom to Hate? [nachshon_alon]

Wednesday’s lecture was a quite bipolar but still interesting on both halves.  Richard Clar’s work is extremely fascinating and innovative. His understanding of the universe is elaborate and detailed and his ability to use precise vocabulary to describe its ingeniousness is intriguing. But for me Victoria Vesna’s discussion regarding the Neo-Nazi rallies she ran into on her visit to the Czech Republic hit home and kept on my mind for a while. I am and Israeli Jew, grandchild of Holocaust survivors and Wednesday morning’s YouTube videos on violent hate rallies were no easy wake up call. Europe is comprised of far more liberal and radical countries than the U.S. as a whole but still within the U.S. there are many post Nazi organizations that are holding strong today. The reason for this lies within the the U.S. Constitution.

The Freedom of Speech and the Freedom to Assemble are two very basic constitutional rights granted to every American citizen. But when the topic that is uniting people across the nation is one of fascism, terrorism, or neo-Nazism, I believe our constitution should be trumped by the knowledge of history. Hitler came to power because he was an extraordinary speaker that had the ability to attract thousands of supporters. Everything that Hitler did up till he gained the position he needed in order to start his genocide was completely legal. So when we continue to allow neo-Nazi organizations to hold rallies, preach and even hold political affair committees, we are allowing the teaching of hatred, fascism and racism to our children and grandchildren. Although these groups are small and practically powerless, it is the idea that they breed criminals within our society that is unacceptable and should be stopped regardless of seemingly purposeful and practically American rights.


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