space art? jack kutilek

Let’s get down to writing this blog. Richard Clar was an interesting guest speaker sort of. I’ll explain what I mean.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood or I was too tired but what he was talking about seemed relevant but not interesting. I guess that is just personal taste so I am going to take back what I said. Richard Clar was a good guest speaker I just wasn’t interested. I liked the idea of art in space but I wasn’t into his projects. I started looking around the internet for art in space and I found this.

It is called the moon museum and was put on the moon by the crew of Apollo 12. I thought it was neat because it was such a ridiculous art piece. Some artists drew lines, one drew Mickey Mouse, and Andy Warhol drew a penis. It’s basically one of the most absurd art pieces. But I have no question that it is art. I believe I have decided that if the artists sincerely believe that their work is art, then it is art.

As I continued to look around the internet, I found an interesting article on It claims that artists have been at the forefront of space exploration since the very beginning. I thought this was an interesting idea because I have never considered the idea. It always seemed like a science thing to me. But now in the context of this class I can now see that often the quest of art and the quest of science overlap. The site basically serves as a database for all outer space themed art pieces, however they only have 23 artists at the moment, and Richard Clar is not one of them. There are biographies and statements for all the artists, but most of the links don’t work or didn’t seem immediately interesting, which the internet should be.


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