Space Tourism: The (Almost) Final Frontier

            I have heard about the idea of a space hotel before, but I had never put too much thought into its legitimacy until the lecture on Wednesday.  After googling “space hotel,” I quickly realized that it is not at all a fantasy.  By the year 2012 there are plans to open the first space hotel.  There are already prices and specs about most of the details involved in staying at the hotel, including such things as the option to lease a capsule for a year or take a weekend trip for about $7.9 million dollars.

Yep.  $7.9 million dollars.  And that’s one of the cheaper estimated costs that I have seen in my quick search for information.  Research estimates show that there are 40,000 people in the world who have enough money to afford a stay at the hotel.  Of that number, how many are really willing to spend their (probably not-so-hard-earned) cash on a trip to space?  Let’s think of the perks…

            If I were to go into space, the first thing I would do is float around for hours and hours with nothing to worry about.  Perhaps I would read a book.  Possibly an older science fiction novel, inspired by the dream that I am currently fulfilling.  When the sun rises, I could watch it through my tiny space window and think, “Awesome!  Next time I’m at a cocktail party with my other rich-up-the-yin-yang friends, I can casually bring up the time that I saw my first sunrise in space.”  I could now get back to my reading about futuristic robots, pills that are equivalent to entire meals, and space exploration.  Then when the sun rises again 80 minutes later (because apparently that’s the stat from space), I could envy its beauty once more.  Then back to my book.  Then a sunrise.  Then book.  Then sunrise.  Then…  Oh yea.  I guess there’s really not that much to do in space.  By about the third time I have to struggle with my space zipper and floating urine, I think I’m going to be pretty damn sick of that too.

            Good luck space explorers.  Good luck finding something to do in your free time.  It doesn’t seem like space tourism is such a great idea to me.  Rich People: save your time and money, and spend it on something useful like another Ferrari.


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