Week 7: Richard Clar, Courtney Tran

This class really introduces me to creative ideas that i would never have expected. Sometimes, I don’t even know how to react to some of the things I’ve been introduced to- and I really like the unpredictability! It is interesting how Richard Clar was talking about how he takes everyday materials like aluminum or car tracks to create works of art. I think I will always think of Richard Clars when I see tire tracks now! The dolphin in space really fascinated me. Richard Clars is not of this world. And I mean that as a compliment. My favorite would have to be the television helmet. That was really neat. And the sculpture in space was very interesting. It got me to thinking of how, if scientists were creative, their technological or chemical advancement can make big difference if only all scientists could scratch the surface of unthought of ideas. Another thing I had never expected was Butho dancing. It was very strange to me, but definitely possessed some kind of sophistication to it, because I know it would take an effort for me to do that right. Such unusual but practical ideas at the same time! Maybe life and the meaning of it really isn’t all chemicals, formulas, symbiosis, and whatever I’ve been learning for the past 18 years of my life. Speaking to aliens, very unfathomable to me previously, suddenly has some kind of logic to it when artists like Richard Clar manage to make it a tangible concept through tangible means (i.e., the Butho dancing message). I plan on keeping track of Richard Clar’s works. I am very fascinated by what I saw at lecture last week. It was really, really neat. :0)


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