Patty Durongwong. Week 7. Out of this World

I found Richard Clar’s presentation absolutely perfect for the main topic of this class. The collaboration between art and science is depicted very clearly and simplistically through his projects. I found his peices rather creative in a sense that he reached outside of the world – the world being taken literally. The Space Flight Dolphin brought up many concerns in my mind as it was being presented. I realized that when humans think of “connecting” to aliens or the like, we think on rather scientific and mathematical terms. Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin, on the other hand, convey a more creative and meaningful means of communication. It reveals that we are not made up of numbers or digits or silly gadgets but that we have that creative side – that sensative side that portrays the very basis of what make us human. It is difficult to describe how we feel through numbers (and when i think about it, rather impossible) but with art and the creativity of projects like these – we can convey our emotions. The fact that NASA as approved Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin shows how science and art are truly converging in the most obvious mean.
His peice “The New Butoh Space Dance” appeared at first to be a unique approach to communication with extra terrestrials. I found it mesmorizing to watch how art and music can be transformed into by technology into Interstellar Message Composition. What caught my eye is how each of his projects were portrayed. Although they each clearly had a scientific purpose and was practical in a very scientific direction, the graphics and presentation of each showed its aesthetic beauty. Not only do his peices apparently show how art and technology are fused together, the means in which he used to portray his pieces also show how they have converged to produce such projects. He is in essence using the fustion of art and technolgy to produce more connections and uses demonstrating how important one is to the other. I enjoyed how Clar is reaching out of this world, turning creative ideas that can be made possible and realistic via technology and science.


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