Space Art – Xuan Wei

I thought Richard Clar’s presentation was quite interesting; I was compelled to visit his websites later for more information on his innovative ideas. I was especially intrigued by Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin, it got to be one of the wildest, most random idea I’ve ever heard. I mean, since scientist and astronauts aren’t doing a better job finding extra terrestrial life forms, it’s great that artist such as Richard Clar is taking initiatives to present art as a new method of communication between earth and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) in outer space.


So why dolphins? According to Clar, dolphins are essentially better and more efficient communicators than humans, and of course, they’ve existed on this planet for a longer period of time. Furthermore, dolphins are extremely intelligent, more intelligent that humans in certain aspects. For instance, dolphin’s cerebral cortex is 40% larger than that of a human.


The essence of Clar’s project is to make space the place where science, art, and philosophy blend into one. I think Clar’s idea is pure genius in a sense that he is making our planet into a symbol of intelligence and friendship by having this sculpture dolphin orbiting around the earth. I mean, how did he come up with this brilliant idea?!?! I am officially impressed! Go Clar!

Just imagine an extraterrestrial living form receiving our dolphins signal from earth and wondering where it is coming from. I mean, instead of building expensive, complicated spacecrafts trying to look for ETIs in the space, we can now make them looking for us by having this sculpture dolphin as the planet’s spotlight!


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