Space Flight Dolphin-Van Huynh

I was intrigued and interested upon listening to Richard Clar’s lecture on his Space Flight Dolphin project. The idea of this sculpture/satellite dolphin structure to be able to communicate through magnetic field lines is a fascinating way to perceive other modes of communication. I have never heard of the idea of finding extraterrestrial intelligence on other planets in the galaxy through the means of detecting change in magnetic field lines.

I can understand why the space flight dolphin is an appropriate example of art, science, and technology. The artistic aspect of the project if through the dolphin itself, it is symbolic of intelligence through sound. In addition, the use of nitinol to construct the sculpture/satellite which would transform by the sun in space would show the artistic aspect of the space flight dolphin to change shape. The scientific aspect would be the project’s ability to change the magnetic fields. The technological aspect would come from creating a system to deploy the space flight dolphin into space.

I found this lecture really interesting because I have never been exposed to ideas that would be able to communicate with other planets in space. The examination of using art, science, and technology shows me another way of bridging the gap between artists and scientists with museums having the ability to observe Space Flight Dolphin.

richard clar


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