Week 7- Art, Science, & Technology; The Answer?- Marco Anzures

Professor Vesna posed a question at the beginning of class that asked what art, science, and technology could do to prevent conflict, like the neo-Nazi riot. More broadly I think this asks what can these mediums do to influence our world in a positive way and initiate a new wave of thinking. Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin is an innovative and artistic way of integrating art and technology. Art plays an important role in society and culture and it represents a unique way to present our ideas. The inherent abstract nature of art allows it to present things in such a way that invokes thinking and dialogue. Instead of traditionally speaking upon contemporary issues, art transforms the verbal communication of those ideas into another medium. I think it is this aspect of art that makes it an important medium of communication. It may be clear where technology would assist art in accomplishing the spread and impact of ideas. Technology enhances the innovation and reception of art. We have discussed how important a role artists and scientists play in bringing pressing issues to the public. Critical issues, like global warming, racial tension, and poverty for examples, are best effectively addressed by art and science I think. Although some may argue that art may bring to esoteric and twist onto issues and that science may be to far from the general public’s understanding that it is quickly disregarded. Consequently though, combined, art and science level out each others extreme tendencies and create a meduim that is perfectly tailored for mass public digestion.


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