Why is it ignorant to believe that something bigger than myself is in control of the world (from the beginning of time to the end)? A discussion of objective reality and absolute truth. -Jennie Wong

It was really eye-opening to hear what people had to say about their perspectives on the phenomena of coincidence, the interplay of free will and fate, and the relativistic theories of truth. Even though I didn’t agree with some of the things some people said, I still enjoyed hearing what they had to say. If anything, I’m just glad to hear that other people hold opinions about these things at all; it’s good to know that people have thought about such philosophical ideas too. Thinking about weighty issues like this might be uncomfortable, but I think it’s good. It’s good for you.

I’ve thought about coincidence and random events and free will a lot and had Socratic seminars about it before in english classes. So I have considered a lot of different perspectives on it all, but still I can only believe in one worldview. I think that there has got to be something more than this world. Switchfoot sings “we were meant to live for so much more/have we lost ourselves” (Meant To Live), and honestly there HAS to be something else. The empty pursuits of happiness, fame, wealth, beauty, etc. canNOT be all there is to live for. All of those things are so futile. Thus I believe in the riches of eternal life promised by God, who I believe in because of how He has personally affected my life. And because of this, I believe that God works all things together for His glory. His will is done through us. He is not the puppeteer nor the vending machine God people imagine Him to be; He is wise, good, and just. We exist as an expression of His glory; HE does NOT live for OUR glory (nor our happiness or comfort). We can never understand Him fully because if we did we wouldn’t be worshipping God our Creator we’d be worshipping a god of our creation. Of course we don’t understand everything that happens. We can’t look through heaven’s eyes. We’re finite human. God is God, man is man. His wisdom is INFINITELY greater. And just because we can’t fathom with our little human peabrains how everything works together for something (and that “something” is to show His glory) doesn’t mean that such a Plan doesn’t exist.

(sidenote: when I say “glory of God” I mean all the greatness of God, all that God is, his instrinsic qualities, all of his character, all His holiness and greatness)

So everything in life is pre-ordained by God, but I don’t see why that changes how I should live in any way but positively. I find it comforting, rather than disconcerting, that a higher being knows the struggles in my life and that there is a reason for the problems – it gives me PEACE, JOY, HOPE. To say that I don’t want Him to govern my life and work in it is to suggest that my judgment is better, that I know better than God. That’s ignorant – like the clay telling the potter the potter is doing it all wrong, that it would look better if He did THIS or THAT to it. Who is the clay to talk back to the potter? Yes, he created me with free will and I do act according to my free will. I choose to do this and choose to do that. But this all operates as part of God’s overarching will, and I dont see why this is so uncomfortable an idea. It’s not like I’m a PAWN of God’s or something (He is a JUST, good, HOLY God). It just means I’m part of a bigger picture. And so are you. And you and you. People say Christians are ignorant, but isn’t it even more ignorant to believe there is no bigger picture at all, that there could not possibly be a higher deity, that humans are the ultimate authority and that then we are each the own gods of our own lives?

Concerning truth: I believe in what Einstein thought- “He believed in the existence of what he called “objective reality“: a real world that exists independently of our subjective perceptions, conceptions, or beliefs. He believed that a statement is true if and only if objective reality is as that statement says it is. And he believed that the business of science is to discover truths about objective reality. As for Einstein’s Relativity Theory: this is a doctrine about inertial frames in physics. It is a physical theory, not a philosophical one. It has no implications whatsoever for the claim that all truth is relative.” I think taht’s what Kelly (name?) was sort of talking about with the apple and its color. That there is an objective truth that remains true no matter what we call it or say it is or however we perceive it. And so this truth is the truth, the absolute truth, the by definition UNCHANGEABLE truth, whether or not we believe it to be so.

Plus, the theory of relative truth is self-refuting. Those who assert the idea that “all truth is relative” want us to believe that the idea itself that “all truth is relative” is not ITSELF relative, but that all truths OTHER than the idea that “all truth is relative” are relative. That doesn’t work. It is more clearly described like so:
The simple fact of the matter, of course, is that relativists who assert the truth of
(11) All truth is relative
really want us to believe that (11) is not itself a relative truth (since then it would have no more claims to being true than to being false) but an “absolute” (i.e., an objective) truth. They really want us to believe that all truths other than (11) are relative. But if all truths other than (11) are relative, then (11) is not true after all. Rather, it must be false.

I respect everyone’s right to his/her own opinions. But because of what I’ve said I will uphold my own beliefs in an objective reality and an absolute truth. For further discussion, we can do coffee sometime.



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