Frank Nicholas-Week 9- Religion

Truth and religion, two things i would probably never put together.  i never understood the whole thing about how the bible is so holey and all theses people live by it when it was just man that wrote it anyways. it was brought up in class that there is only one absolute truth and everything else is wrong, but i feel that most things that people feel are truth are just an opinion or something that someone said happen and is taken as truth without any proof or logical reasoning..

oh and the whole thing with god made that kids leg to grow back to the same length as the other one, i don’t understand how some one can reasonably thing that god is so great that he can make his leg grow back, and if he controls every thing like that and do that then why was the leg shorter to begin with, did god do that to? or what made them different lengths in the first place?  when people think god can do so much great stuff then why doesn’t he just prevent it form happening? why would he let there be wars and people be bored deformed or anything that would hurt a person happen if he has the power to make it go away?

 and that’s about it.


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