The Tiring Truth By Van Huynh

I was startled that the lecture turned into a heated debate. I think it is legitimate to say that we all perceive things differently which we in turn, believe to be the truth. This is surely a subjective matter. Everything we all perceive cannot be true for everyone else.

We are all characterized by our ethnic, regional, and social backgrounds, morals, lifestyles, knowledge, etc. The way we are raised, the things we are exposed to shapes our perceptions in this world we live in.

Many of us are raised affiliated with a religion and many aren’t. Those who aren’t generally believe the creation of life is due to evolution, who are extremely knowledgeable of the sciences. Religion and science are both controversial factors, that make up most of our perceptions of considering what is to be the truth.

My parents are Buddhists. Growing up, I never understood the religious activities and traditions I took part in, but I respected their belief in Buddhism. Not having actual knowledge in the religion never made me not associate with the traditions nor consider myself a Buddhist.

I’ve never shot down the idea of God as the Creator of life, or the idea of evolution. I don’t affiliate with any religion or favor a theory over another but I do believe in the possibilities of something having created this phenomenon called life. My mixed perceptions of religion and science only allows me to have an open mind. I think anything could be possible and how will we ever know what is really the truth? Because I take these ideas so lightly, I perceive things lightly, and in turn, what I believe to be the truth lightly. Essentially, I have no concern how we were created. Because of my background, having grown up in a family filled with hardship and struggle, I could really care less how we were created.

I know that I was given life and I’ve got to do something with it, not question it. I prefer to use my time doing schoolwork, participating in activities, and spending time with my family.

Why don’t we stop spending our time debating with eachother, but actually listen to eachother with an open mind, respecting eachother’s beliefs rather than bashing them? When I got to college, I thought we were to become more knowledgeble, aware, and conscious, but it seems that we all become extremely knowledgeable in one field and therefore cannot accept the beliefs of another field.

What I really perceive is ignorance and arrogance in many people and the truth is I’m tired of it.


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