Psychology [alon_nachshon]

It is very peculiar to be arguing whether or not there exists a connection between the crash of space-craft Columbia and the September 11th terrorist attacks on America.  The former is a matter of technical malfunctions and forces of nature while the latter is a matter of anti-America hatred, Islamic kamikazes, and poor international relations and intelligence.  I say all this with the strong belief that I am right. But how can I be so sure this is the truth of the matter when I get my information through word of mouth. How can I trust that I am reading the truth in the L.A. Times?  The answer is I can’t.  We can all trust who we want but until we all trust the same source and there exists only 1 single source, there will never be such thing as an “absolute truth”.

What I found most interesting within Monday’s lecture was the concept of consciousness that Victoria Vesna briefly commented on at the end of her lecture before discussing the final.  The idea of consciousness is so unknown yet still so very interesting.  I believe that once psychologists understand human neural maps and give structure and meaning to all thought processes and levels of consciousness everything in this world will be under human control.  Wars will end because hypnosis will disengage soldiers, and life will take upon new meaning as information can be implanted into the mind.  But back to Victoria Vesna’s comment I am also very awe-struck by the fact that as we move in our everyday lives, we fail to acknowledge or notice 90% of what we are passing.  Our minds are always too busy with future plans, past actions, bodily wants, the hearts desires, or neural transmittance. There is no time to waste in one’s lifetime because going through life once only provides you with 10% of the possible experience, so wasting time prohibits you from even achieving that small 10%.

What’s cool is that everything I just stated is the truth. But is it the truth to you?


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