Religion and Truth (?)

I haven’t read enough religious theories or ever attended a religion class so I feel my input will be unfortunately uninformed. However, I find the idea that someone is ultimately right and someone is wrong very close-minded and is a horribly singular view. If everyone could agree that everything, specifically truth, is relative then religious battles would be pointless. And I would only hope that with this type of mentality, we would be living in a world with fewer wars. Every time the discussion of religion comes up in one of my classes, I feel that most people who refuse to believe that truth is relative are religious followers (usually zealous believers in only one God). I don’t quite know where this observation is suppose to lead me, but is seems a little off-putting. I can only assume, in a possibly narrow-minded perspective, that some religious believers need to cling onto the idea that truth is absolute to validate their beliefs; to know their God is the golden ticket. But faith is such a beautiful thing and the addition of concepts like absolute truth or a winner and loser makes me believe some religions are flawed.

In class we discussed the idea that if truth is relative and we give our lives different meanings, then people who don’t believe in a God or aren’t religious, should be aware that their beliefs are also a way of making meaning out of their lives. I completely agree with this. But like I mentioned before, some people only see an absolute truth where their beliefs aren’t manifestations but are the right answer. So with that, I can understand that it’s hard to tolerate other views if you are convinced your beliefs are right. But isn’t that problematic?

I thoroughly enjoyed our heated discussion last week and I apologize ahead of time if I have made horrible generalizations. While I think it is important to be tolerant of other ideas, the word “tolerant” has become such a dirty word to me. In a perfect world, I would rather understand and respect different beliefs rather than putting up with them. So here are some links about other religions…







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