Week 8, Courtney Tran

Class debate was entertaining, and stressful at the same time. I wanted to jump in multiple times but I everytime I thought of something I wanted to break in, another part of me thought of what someone else might say to completely squash the idea. Lol. I felt like we were going in big round circles over and over, and people came at it with so many different angles (religious, secular logic, etc.). The idea of synchronicity is scary. I think everything is related in the sense that, everything creates one large, common reaction from society (Sept. 11th & Columbia), and each of these events happening at such similar times contributed to the overall morale and feel of the public who witness it. Nothing happens without a reason, and the two happening around the same time cooperate with each other, whether this was fate-intended or not, to produce a dual-disaster affect on people (who are then left to interpret why they happened that way). There is indeed only one real truth, but that real truth only evolves over time in response to our perception of things (physical, or spiritual, or political), but that is why we have books and research and all of these remarkable things at UCLA, because we are all trying to arrive at one real truth. Whether that truth is the final panacea to all of the world’s diseases, or, which God is THE God, or if practice really makes perfect, we are all seeking out the one real truth. And in that search for the one real truth, we all find ourselves in a never-ending cycle that may be the only undoubtedly sychronistic activity we all take part in- the same one that happened in our debate in Desma 9 last week. And I just want to mention that I agree with Charles Eames that “Eventually, everything connects”, and I don’t doubt that at all. Our past has to happen in order for our future to form, and I guess crazy people could argue against that. You have to be a baby before you’re an adult is basically it. It reminds me of Khaled Housseni’s novel “Kite Runner”, about how time proceeds unmindful of the events that occur in it, in one big circle. It is a circular novel. “Eventually, everything connects” is a circular concept. I just recently thought of a project for my final. I have attached a youtube video that inspired me to do it. I will not say exactly what it is just yet, but, it does have to do with images directly expressing word of song/mouth/lyricism. Enjoy.


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