late but sorry jack kutilek

well uh so i realize i forgot to write this blog by sunday midnight. lets begin.
when i think last week i remember that discussion we had where everyone argued back and forth about whether religion was right or not. it all seemed like a waste of time. one person would say “hey i think there is no coincidence because of religion.” then someone else would say “yo that doesn’t make any sense”. reading over other blogs reminds me about whether something is actually true. and i also thought there was not really any reason to argue about it, but maybe thats because when you raised the question i immediately had what seemed like the entire argument inside my head already and came to agree with what victoria said at the end of the class, about how it all depends on your definition of what the truth is. there didn’t seem like much to argue about to me. maybe i was still mad about the religion argument, i don’t know, but it seemed like it turned into another I’m right because of what i believe versus I’m right because of what i believe. let me try to concise my statement. the discussions we had seemed to be driven by beliefs of life that couldn’t be changed. it was an argument that could have just been a statement of different outlooks, like a lecture. like hey some people believe this but other people believe this now go think about it and write about it in your blogs. i am just talking but that is my feelings on the discussion.
anyways lets look into some interesting things. as i browsed the internet for some art related to memory or consciousness, i was reminded of salvador dali’s dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate. i remember reading about how it addresses a persons interaction with the world while dreaming, which has always been a subject that interested me, and seemed to connect because it seems to be about consciousness. except it is consciousness while dreaming. i looked over the internet but it is difficult to find anything on this more than that dali was agreeing with Freud’s theory. however i did find a link to very long paper about consciousness and freud’ theory and it is too much for me to comprehend. here it is:
heres the painting its pretty good:


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