Religion, Memory, Truth – Adam Molinaro

I don’t particularly have a strong background of knowledge when it comes to religion so my input on religion isn’t too specific. Both of my parents were raised with influences of Catholicism from their respected parents. After my parents became adults they haven’t necessarily practiced traditional Catholic traditions. My parents have not influenced my personal views on religion during my upbringings. In my short life, I haven’t found any single religion or religions that I could follow cut and dry. I think that it is strongly due to the fact that I didn’t have any direct religious influences from my parents.

I think that no single person or group of peoples has the authority, intuition, or experience of life to say if one religion is right, or wrong. I think that as long as someone looks into the topic of religion with an open mind they can only decide for themselves what they think is right, wrong, or the truth. In short, I think that people that are close minded when it comes to religion are ultimately wrong.

Memory and Truth is another crazy subject to talk about. Memory is defined as an organism’s ability to store, retain, and subsequently retrieve information. Memory is broken down into three subgroups: sensory, short term and long term. The movie The Manchurian Candidate explores the alteration of memory through technology and brainwashing. The movie is particularly interesting because of of the individuals who was brainwashed (Denzel) was able to see past the fake memory implanted into his brain, while another subject was completely oblivious to the alteration (until the hero Denzel came to the rescue…) Thinking about the way our brain stores information is crazy. After learning how a electrical computer stores information in computer science classes, I think the brain is amazing.


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