truth and religion – xuan wei

Wow Monday’s lecture was pretty intense with all those arguing and reasonings. I was extremely entertained even though I didn’t participate in any of the debates. However I do have my own opinions on the issue. So, is there really a god? My answer to that question would simply be I do not know…… because there is absolutely no way of knowing. Before I go into any details, I personally think that the debate itself is pointless. We humans have debated on this issue for a very very long time and we are still arguing intensely about it today, I think it is safe to say that we have never came even close to a satisfactory resolution. Frankly, I believe the question will exist forever, merely as a gateway to a intellectual realm where people will be able entertain and bewilder themselves……endlessly……

So let’s talk about the debate. We obviously have the two polarized sides: the pros believe in the existence of a higher power, while the cons do not. I’ve also heard from people in between; a religious scientist, for instance, would simply refuse to ponder about the question at all…. -___-

Now let’s make an audacious assumption that one day the debate will eventually come to an end. I think everyone would agree that there can only be two possible outcomes: yes there is a god or no there isn’t one. Let’s first consider the latter one. If there is no god, we humans would pathetically realize that we have spend centuries after centuries debating on something that does not exist – a complete and meaningless vacuum. Now if there is a god, I guarantee that this “god” will look and act nowhere close to anything we have ever perceived. Just think about how many religions and gods we have on the face of this planet, all of them wanting their god to be the “real” god. It is obvious that none of them is the real god, because if that is the case we wouldn’t even have this long debate. Now let’s get back to the revelation of the “true” god. Regardless of what this “true” god will do next, its existence both validated and denounced the meaning of the debate. Yes there is a god, but it is not what we think of it to be…… so what is the point of debating about it? Why can’t we just stop questioning and wait for this god to reveal itself?

um.. I think I sound kind of crazy but this is just my personal opinion~ thanks for reading ^_^;


the eye of god…


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