Truth? – Michael Chen

First, I must admit, I missed class on Monday due (in part) to illness- and forgetting to set an alarm, so this blog will be more from having caught up with classmates after class and perusing the blogs of others.  I was particularly interested and entertained by the synaptic wiring tests in Edwin Chavez’s post.  I definitely picked seven for the second test, though I wavered on the vegetable (Are tomatoes still vegetables or are they fruits now?).

The concept of truth is rather interesting, and is featured on one of the longer Wikipedia pages (linked below, though some of the sci-fi ones give it a good run for its money).  One argument is that perception represents part of truth, and I agree with it, at least in part.  If enough people believe something, it becomes “true”, in a sense that regardless of whether that perception is true, false, or somewhere in between, it is considered a correct interpretation and is repeated as such.  Yes, repeating this perception as truth is spreading misinformation, but in today’s age if something’s on, say, Wikipedia and read by enough people, it is considered “true”.  I am not sure this is the right way to approach things, as I can probably think of situations where believing something to be true would have grave consequences, i.e. alternative medicines, but it is an approach that our society today has adopted in part.


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