Truth, Religion and Memory – Carlos Chorro

The truth is…I must admit i did not attend lecture on monday due to various reasons, it seems as if i missed out on one of the most powerful, entertaining, and insightful lectures so far judging by what I’ve heard from peers and reading the blogs.  Apparently there was some heated discussions on the following topics: Truth religion and Memory. Although all these topics are all really interesting to me and i have strong opinions on all of them, (and i wish i had attended the lecture to hear everyone else’s arguments) i feel i would be one of the people just observing and listening because i like to hear what other people have to say about these issues.

Another topic that i wish i had gotten to hear about in class is the thought of “perception” and the story of the colorblind person describing an apple’s color. I bring this conversation up because it affects me directly and i feel i could’ve have been able to put in some input. There have been many times when ive been looking at clothes, pictures, paintings and would have to ask my friends what colors  they are because I am slightly color blind. But when i say the purple shoes look dark blue, Who can truthfully say i am wrong?? If i say i see dark blue am i wrong because everyone else sees purple. When looking at life in this manner of perception, The saying “who knows” is the only truth. There is no truth in anything in this case because everything is seen from a different perspective. We can only establish some commonalities between us because our senses tell us we all hear and see the same thing. I just thought this would’ve have been a good conversation starter and im truly sorry i couldn’t be there.

I  also would have liked to touch on the issue of religion, or at least heard a few other peoples opinions. Growing up i never really went to church even though both sides of my family heavily practiced their respective religions. Although I’d like to say i have a strong background in religion because I’ve seen it and it runs in the family, i truly can’t say that i have experienced enough and been through enough to create an argument.

Memory is another subject I never really thought about until now. The thought of changing the truth due to what one wants to store in there memory of a particular moment still betides me. It comes back to the idea of perspective and two people trying to tell the same story from what they remember. Obviously the stories are not going to be exactly the same just because of point of view but is it possible for two people to have the exact same memory? I always try to think back on childhood memories but i tend to not be able to find the words to describe them exept that i know it was fun. My memory tells me that i had a good childhood but how could i actually confirm it. How can anyone know? Truth is you cant.


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