Week 8- Tiffany Leung

The debate we had in lecture was an eye-opener to me in the sense that I had not really thought all that much about the concept of Absolute Truth and the extent to which some people choose to live their lives by it. I have never been a very religious person. I think mostly because of the fact that, in my family, I am part of the first generation of American-born kids, so a lot of the culture from the generation above us got lost in translation. I do however, have cousins who are devout Christians and have a very exact way of seeing the world, so I’ve always known about different religions (my parents are Buddhist). While I was growing up, it always seemed like many of my friends in school had mostly all at least believed in God, and I saw it sometimes good and sometimes bad that I did not. But I came to appreciate that my views were not set for me as a child because I have been able to have a very open mind about different people’s perspective on life and especially religion. To be honest, I really don’t have a set interpretation of my morals and values, but I know that there are opinions that I definitely DO NOT agree with. I really do agree with the view that there is no Absolute Truth, because I feel that if there were, then so many people in the world would have to be “wrong” in the way that they live their life, and  I feel like the biggest question to the “Absolute Truth” dilemma is WHAT view is the right way of living? Who is to say one belief is inferior to another? I think that my classmates made really good comments about their beliefs about this subject and it added much more effect to the lecture because we could see from a room of people that there are plenty of different points of view as well.  The subject of fate being one of the major topics of debate brought out the passion that some people share and some people really clash on.  I think that the future will never see a cooperative world where everybody is tolerant of everybody’s points of view.  There are too many closed minds and too many passionate people with VERY distinct beliefs. This may very well not be such a bad thing when considering things like civil rights. If everyone had the same view, say that we all believed slavery wasn’t bad, then there would be a whole population of very severly oppressed people in the world, where nobody would oppose of it.  I think the biggest problem that arises because of societies having such opposite views all the time is when we have a Global crisis like Global Warming, which affects the whole of humanity and not too much is going on to alleviate the issue because we are still debating whether or not this ‘crisis’ is even a crisis. a video on YouTube that really got a lot of controversy points this problem out:

Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See


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