What is Truth?

Last week’s discussion on truth and perception was very intriguing. The whole idea behind what truth is, and what truth means is extremely interesting to me. I made a short film centered around this idea two years ago. Basically, how much of what we believe to be the truth is based on our individual perceptions. Clearly our own opinions alter our ideas of what is true, and going further with that idea—who is to say that we all see things the same way. What if our literal perception—that is to say, what we physically see, differs from person to person. This can easily be manifested in our ideas of ourselves, and those around us. For instance, what if I see myself in an entirely different way than you or anyone else sees me. What if our own ideas about ourselves and our world are projected onto how we define the world around us and thus, our own beliefs as to what we know is true, are altered by our own background, beliefs and generally speaking, our out look on the world.

Realistically, there’s not a specific way to determine what is indeed true. As far as I’m concerned the “truth” can change based on whom you talk to. Looking to religion as an example—you can ask anyone who truly believes in their religious faith, and they will tell you that it is indeed a truth, and though other theories may be interesting, they personally believe what they have been taught to believe is the truth.

This concept in and of itself may be one of the most interesting ones any of us will ever encounter. It calls into play so many different aspects of society and culture as well as various backgrounds of study. We’ve all seen or read the scientists debate with the religious leaders who argue that evolution is nothing more than a theory, and that man was directly created by god. And, these debates are only a surface introduction to the various “truths” that are debatable based on individual belief and perception.

Needless to say, last Monday’s discussion was an extraordinarily interesting one to hear, and I think that it’s great to be in a class where such “touchy” topics are debated and questioned.


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