week 7- frank nicholas- i know it’s late

I know this is really late, but it can’t hurt to do it anyways. Richard Clar’s presentation was very interesting to me. People are so into finding a way to communicating with other forms of life that may be somewhere in the universe. The dolphin in space is just one of many different things humans have done to try to communicate with other forms of life. i saw this thing the other day about the biggest satellite dish antenna in the world and it is to try to receive messages from outer space. It can get messages that are half way to the Milky Way? i don’t really know what that means but it sounds really far. this satellite is in some canyon in Puerto rico. http://www.markerney.com/fun/arecibo.html

So this thing is just huge and it is actually the opposite of the dolphin. It is looking to receive messages form space opposed to the dolphin which is transmitting messages.

The Collision piece he did was also very interesting. Its amazing how much debris is actually orbiting around the earth. i didn’t realize there was any debris, but it makes sense that it could be a big problem in the future if there is a lot more. it will be pretty risky to fly in and out of the earths atmosphere.


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