Putting things in perspective -Jennie Wong

I read through the blogs people have posted for this week and then I clicked on the link Sean posted and looked around. It was pretty cool and I read up about it, so I’ve decided to post about the power of ten project too. I think it’s really neat how it puts things into a scale from the cosmo level to the microscopic level. It really puts everything into perspective and reminds us just how large the scope of the earth we live on is.

Check out this poster:


that’s how small we are in the great picture of things!

Anyway, for POWERS OF TEN DAY on October 17, 2007, the Eames Office held movie screenings to spread awareness. I think’s a great idea because it’s so easy to get sucked up into our own personal bubbles and forget that there are things that happen around us and that are bigger than us. I like the exhibitions Eames Office puts on for education too.


What’s remarkable about the exhibitions is that they’ll use things we are familiar with to describe other things and it has a great deal of shock value. For example: “In a venue in England we [Eames Office] had a huge buoy one meter across in the middle of the space. This allowed us to say things such as, “if this buoy were the sun, the earth would be the size of a pea and it would be several blocks away.” That’s so crazy!! It reminds me, too, of that project someone did for her midterm. I think she called it the Perspective House and the point was actually to do the opposite, to place things OUT of perspective. Still, either way, it really makes us stop and think.

Reading up on this, I got to thinking- this project puts things into perspective in a scientific sense. What if someone did a project that puts thigns into perspective in social and economic terms? Imagine- a project that reminds us that our problems aren’t just that bad? Like how getting a C on that test really isn’t so big a deal compared to the car crash that just happened in your city? Like how that stain on your pants really isn’t so bad compared to the problems in state about homelessness and corporate corruption? Like how the drop in STAR scores of California compared to other states really isn’t so bad compared to the number of teens in AMerica who commit suicide from academic stress every year? Or how America’s rising gas prices dont’ mean anything next to the poverty of third world countries? Or how our health insurance controversies are ridiculous when we think about how people contract AIDS in other countries and NO one gets health insurance? etc. How much impact could a video like taht have? I thikn it would really remind people to think outside their little private boxes and to take action for causes. Public awareness, working toward a better world. It might sound idealistic, but someone’s gotta think positive or this world is just spiraling toward hell.

Sarah Mclachlin does a cool music video to her song “World On Fire” where she uses the money she, like any other artist, would normally spend on making a “good” music video to donate to humanitarian efforts instead. Watch it, it’s worth it! It’s definiely a good reminder that what we are used to in America and what we consider parts of a “normal” or “average” standard of living are truly BLESSINGS. Cheers to keeping things in perspective.

psst…it cost her $15 to make this video!!!!!!!!!!!! the beginning is just her singing in some random room, wait til it gets to the good stuff..



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