Week 9. Patty Durongwong. Creativity and Science: Friends or Enemies?

I left Wednesday’s class with an intriguing question. The whole class up until now gave me the implication that science and art is working hand in hand to create and invent new possibilities. So the idea that science is limiting creativity by setting these “rules” and strict principles was an interesting concept. As a student of this class that is trying to open my mind, I was disappointed in myself for not thinking of this concept earlier. In many ways, science has set rules that we follow more innately now than intentionally. When art will say “go for it,” science will jump in and say “no, its not possible because of (fill in the theorem).” This limitation is slowly being overcome by nanotechnology. This week’s lecture was a powerful way to end the class. The entire quarter we were taught to accept the concept that art and science are converging through technology. However, this class has also taught me something else – to open my mind. So to end this class with the idea that science may be limiting art is very intriguing.  Professor Vesna talked about the influence of both worlds and both art and technology’s role in nanotechnology. Another topic that interested me was the existence of aliens and how miniscule our existence is in the perspective of life on Earth. In hindsight, humans are such a tiny portion on the timeline of evolution. Our technology from computers and navigation systems to toilets and telephones are so recent and new and new in respect to Earth. Aside from this, Earth itself is so small in respect to the entire solar system; let alone all of space beyond our solar system. Many people have the perception that we are the center of this universe; that we have been here for thousands of years but in respect to how long Earth has existed or how big the universe is, we are so small. If we can accomplish all this in such a small amount of time, how much more can we do? The discovery of the the Sudbury Buckyballs is an amazing accomplishment. Born in space, surviving meteor impact, it has opened an entirely new door to what can be possible. In retrospect, its hard to realize how small we are and insignificant to the universe. When it seems like we have reached a pinnacle in science, art and technology, we discover something completely out of this world – like buckyballs and it is then that we realize how much more there is to discover in this universe that is so large and we are so small. 


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