With Art & Science we Advance- Edwin Chavez

On the final lecture, it was clear to me that art and science inspire each other. The flexible nature of art expands the realm of science to unlimited levels and science gives something to art to work with. The inspring art behind Star Trek is an empirical example of this relationship as seen with todays technology. Art and science both interwine in symbiosis, serving as many models for each other together with technology, sparking our life with wonders.
Concerning the powers of ten lecture, what I found mind-boggling was that throughout the scaling process we came to note that the general nature of objects is emptiness. That even our bodies are mostly empty space between atoms and molecules. Perhaps our knowledge over empty space be in fact not empty, but a sea of compressed energy.
I say this because in relation to the Star Trek paradigm shift, the world renowned scientist Nikola Tesla had basically stated that emptiness is full, that there is endless energy available freely from the “domain of time,” that scalar waves exist in the vacuum of empty space 1.
Tesla was someone that visualized the formation of something (waves) in the spacetime medium (vacuum) now called scalar Tesla waves, or zero-vector EM waves which can be tapped for energy. This concept revolves all around Star Trek or Star Wars. It’s like the atomic bomb releasing compressed energy in matter.
In either way, physicists keep uncovering finer and finer components of matter, yet they still cannot understand its ultimate nature. The concept behind “Powers of Ten” offers a great understanding of our world (so far) by using mathematics and scale. It gives us the perspective to see all things in terms of relative size and thus, it gives us a sense of our interrelatedness, place in the universe, and similar to the class’s purpose, it makes us think in non-linear ways, from the microscopic to the cosmic, so far from the quark to the quasar.
We can see that every phenomena is brought about by causes and conditions and depends on their own further scaled parts. That is to say, everything we saw is not self-established within itself but there’s more out there, shrouded, incognito, than meets the eyes. What was once emptiness, lacking a world within man’s skin, or even a proton, is penetrated, and our understanding expands over this so called emptiness.
Which leaves us with the question of whether emptiness means nothingness. Keeping an open mind, I stumbled upon this interesting Bhuddist monk 2 that, following the Tibetan philosophy of emptiness, meditated on his way out to death while preserving his body in a lotus posture.
When finding information on a Tesla envisioned death ray or Tesla-dome shields providing for forcefields 3, would such phenomena remain Star Trek fiction, how close are we from such breakthroughs, or are we already there?


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