what is believing – Xuan Wei

I really liked James because he was willing to point out that scientists have flaws in their way of thinking too. I could totally understand that some scientist can be so focused on theoretical concepts that they often ignore the most fundamental approaches. But nevertheless, scientists’ thinking are limited to laws of the physical universe, and to most scientists, understanding is believing. I think artists are great in terms of that their thinking are only limited to imaginations, which is ironically unlimited. I like how prf. Vesna emphasized that the concept of believing is really different for everyone. Some people believe in what he sees, while some others believe in what he touches.

So what is believing?? Frankly I am a little confused because prf. Vesna also once said that perception is different for everyone, so what one person sees can be perceived very differently by another. If everyone sees what he or she believes in, I think there will be inevitable conflicts in what the truth is. I am really confused! For instance in the movie Matrix, Neo believed in what he believed, and he was able to do all these crazy stuff such as dodging bullets in the matrix. However, he did know the truth about the whole world as being completely consumed by machines and the matrix wasn’t real. But how then, could he believe in the matrix at the same time and not confuse the two?

I think that understanding is truly believing. Let’s look at a more scientific example. The buckyball C60 molecule has been an intriguing compound in terms of its structure and utility. And for many decades, people never really knew how C60 was formed. It was observed that controlled vaporization of graphite resulted in formation of buckyballs, but how can we believe that it’s really the vaporization that did the trick? I mean, real buckyballs was the final product of the process, we could see it, we could touch it, and we could analyze it. Yet can we believe in it? Can we believe in what we do not understand?


However, organic chemists in 2001 have came up with a feasible mechanism for the C60 synthesis. And the formation of buckyballs was surprisingly, not caused by vaporization. I really try to understand the subject as much as I can before I really believe in it.


Anyways, I could completely be wrong. so……


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