Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Biology

So what makes humans (the biological form) so different from computers that think on their own (AI)? Well, if it is not enough, it is explained in the name. Bio means life (therefore biology is the study of life, or living things). And Artificial intelligence is just that, something that is fake, and immitation, and man-made intelligence. We might as well call is faux intelligence.The first thing that comes to my mind when I think Artificial Intelligence is the 2001 movie.Showing the varried ways we perceive robatos, AI, in the furture, as machines, and cyborgs.If you have never seen it, the basic idea is a boy robot, David, is created, the first of its kind to actually have emotions. He “replaces” a son who has gone, but once the son is revived David’s whole world changes. Interestingly enough, the movie is based on the idea of “Pinocchio.” I don’t know about you, but I never took “Pinocchio” out of context to think of him as a robot. But both sories have similar concepts, an inatimate object given life, but not only life, true emotions. Both desperately have this desire to be real. In some subcontext, Pinocchio is a wooden robot.Another movie I thought of relating to AI is Bicentennial Man. The same concept is given where a robot, the first of its kind, starts to have REAL emotions, which (Like in “AI”) encourages the humans surrounding to nuture and treat him as a human. He then goes on a quest to find other robots like him, and later to become accepted as a human. – Side comment- The ending is amazing! So meaningful.Playing the piano, and feeling the music, giving it a human qualityTo make a refference, a deffinition for AI is “the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that can engage on behaviors that humans consider intelligent.” The world is currently fascinated by AI and “advancing the understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.”What is the human obsession with making copies of ourselves? If you notice, in bot movies “AI” and “Bicentennial Man” all robots were created with human-like features. Why do we do that? Why not shape them how we veiw aliens might look like. Or just give them blank faces. By creating an outer exterior of a human, we are internalizing the idea of living and creating life. -On a note for Halloween- Scientists might as well be making Frankensteins, bringing life to what is nonliving, and trying to give it a human quality.In the movie “The Island” copies of humans are created in order to provide organs for sick people. This idea more reffers to cloning rather than robots, but has the same idea – genetically creating life. Humans seemed to be fixed on abnormalities against nature.In many movies, the robots, or AI, try to take over (like the Marix shown in class). This almost seems as if humans degrate themselves, as if we are inferior to our own machines. iRobot does the same thing, where a malfunction occurs and robots dominate. How can humans be so weak that we do not even believe we can overpower our own creation? I guess it just goes back to Frankenstein. Everyone grab their pitch forks!It seems to me the reason we want to give life is because of the artist within scientists, and visa versa. It is human that we want to see life, passion, and emotion in all that surrounds us, which is what drives art. But art can also be mathematical, in placement of shapes, structures, or figures, or counting beats in music. Rather than be dull, we use our creative and artistic mind to design the shape of the robot, and the mentality for its creation. The science is incorporated through the process of building the structure and wanting to create.Science basically means the systematic knowledge or practice of; the study of the natural world; A branch of knowledge based on objectivity and involving observation and experimentation. And, comparatively, the meaning of art is merely the products of human creativity; a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation.In this sense, isn’t art just a form of science, and science a branch of art?


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