“But you didn’t so ha!”

I really enjoyed Professor James Gimzewski’s lecture on Thursday.  As he walked into the classroom with fashionable messy hair and a silk-screened shirt, I automatically reflected on our past discussion about how detrimental stereotypes are.  He didn’t look like a mad scientist and definitely didn’t have an icy demeanor.  Besides great stories like drinking and smoking cigs with other classy, mad scientists and the drama over the Noble Prize in Chemistry, my favorite part was about a run-in with a disgruntle researcher.  When the researcher expressed that he hated Gimzewski’s work and that he could have done it, Gimzewski shot back, “But you didn’t so ha!” A classic expression so characteristic in the art world but apparently also in the science realm.  This lack of understanding and consideration for research in art or science gets me riled up, especially when I hear someone exclaim “I could have done that!” about a Jackson Pollock painting. While I don’t think I absorbed enough information about nanotechnology as much as I wanted to, I really appreciated hearing that regardless of how intelligent you are, there will always be moments where you lose sight of the simplest answer and you need to keep an open mind to generate creative, innovated ideas. 

Also during Thursday’s class, Professor Vesna showed us a list of the top issues in the world.  I felt so dishearten looking at that horrible to-do list with so few solutions. Someone presenting their final on Monday mentioned that they were tired of people promoting an awareness about water pollution and not providing any answers.  While I think that mentality is crucial and beneficial in trying to solve environmental problems, I also think that there are different roles for different people where one is an inventor and the other is an educator.  And I think it’s important to remember that regardless roles, occupations, field of study (science, technology, or art), that we are all supporting progress and trying bettering the world in some sense.

I think TreeHugger.com is a nice blog that reports on a variety of eco-friendly issues.  It shows how different people have applied their skills in fashion, architecture, business, technology, or politics in considering environmental issues.  


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