Desma week 2: Amazing Drumer

So who knew there was a genre of music called math rock? Uniting all nerds who are music lovers, bringing together art and science.Many people fail to realize there might be a need to recombine art and science, or have a need for the third culture. The reason is because the world of art and science are already one. People need to put less effort into creating what already exists, and instead spend more energy on finding the similarities of science within art, and visa versa.Apperently, after researching, math rock is not a new concept. It has actually been around since the fifteenth century, but merely the name has been modernized from the 1980’s. Math Rock has the influence of progressive and alternative rock, but has a new style into it where it frequently incorporates asymmetrical time signatures such as 7/8, 11/8, or 13/8, or features constantly changing meters based on various groupings of 2 and 3. The complexity of numbers makes it sem mathematical, but also tends to leave the listener a bit lost in sonud, as if the music is ‘off’ meter. This is why the music is categorized as a type of Noise Music.If you guys were in class Wednesday, maybe you can relate to how I felt. Blown away by a twenty minute long song that seemed to keep changing over time, but was so rythmically “off beat,” or just seemingly fast, that it doesn’t seem like “real music. But because of structure, and use of rffs, and of course rythm, do not be so quick to judge, because it is definately music.


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