A hope for tomorrow

Not to be the black plague, but I feared for my future based on the lack of intelligence, creativity, and workmanship I believed my peers to have. Yet I found with the right incentive, there are many creative and dilligent minds. Everyone has a purpose, and everyone wants to find their purpose. Whether that may be to find the “cure” for cancer, create a robot that will then do everything for themself, or a superhero, our class alone provided intriguing, innovative, and intellectual projects that have opened my eyes to the possibilty of a brighter future.I would have to say my favorite presentation (sorry for the bias) was the “Transformers.” When you ask a five year old what they want to be when they grow up, and say a “Transformer,” anyone would giggle and laugh knowing that such a whimsical idea is to be expected. But what if it COULD happen? I liked that the presenter went out on a limb and cultivated an idea to put genomes into our DNA to put coils around our arms, and create us into machines. The presentation itself was also very intriging, where you could see the presenter was focused, determined, energetic, and related well to his audience.There were also other presentations I thoroughly enjoyed. The mockery of creating the rainbow rabbit was funny. But I was very impressed with ideas like “creating a picture from 1000 words.” I’m sure it has been SAID before, but the execution and creation of the program itself amazed me. I very much enjoyed projects that had an underining message, like the perspective house. Cures for cancer, and efficient robots were great ideas, but as a person going into phychology, I have a very analytical mind. I like the idea of toying with people’s mind and perception in order to make them think outside the box. They may gain more insight on the world rather than horses with blinders, a one track mind. This correlates with my project, the 24/7 sunrise sunset. It is intentionally made as a mockery of scientists and humans in general. Now I want to be a scientist myself, and am a human myself, so do not create bias against me – I am merely poking fun at reality. Mimicry is what humans are about, and rather than preserve what’s natural, we try to create an alternative that we believe will last. This only increases people’s lack of connection to the world, not finding time to relax and JUST BE, but rather living to work, living for new, bigger, better, shinnier things. So tell me, do you really NEED that new fancy robot? Do you NEED the video iPod, is your nano/mini/regular broken? What is this human craving for materials and to live forever – to cure everything? Maybe, there is not always a cure, but hopefully innovative ideas like ones presented in our class can create the new Renissance. Optimistic…I know.


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