Dolphins in space? (ex. posters, boogie boards, Hitch Hikers Guide)

Richard Clar’s guest lecture revisted my previous thoughts on television. Most people fail to realize the aspect of television as a source of communication. Our society’s TV has become engulfed with “reality tv” that we forget to put substance and meaning into our media anymore. Who cares to know “who New York will end up coosing, will she find ‘true love?’” Honestly, how can people watch that crap? It’s in human nature to want to watch controvercy, dispute, agression, and physical fights. Why do you think people flock to the scene of a fight between two drunken idiots? Does anyone care if theyr’e going to be safe, or for their welfare? No. Everyone wants to see someone get the living daylights punched out of someone. Why is this? When did this happen?Our television and media today send subliminal messages. Regardless that the one second clips that were hidden between screen shots (so as to confuse and hide from veiwers) is now illegal and no longer exists, 30 minute and hour long shows express grotesque imagery of what life should be. Why is there race, the idea a family must live happily ever after together forever, men should be macho, and women should be dainty? Who are we to say?If we ever DID come into contact with extra terrestrials, we would probably just corrupt their lives – for we do not even realize how we corrupt ourselves daily.


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