I was entirely conscious for the entire lecture… it grabbed my attention (at last)

At the age of 18, most people don’t have the capability and mature mind to have contemplated and have found purpose in life. As a child you are programmed. As a teen your hormones rage, and you just try to get by through the melodrama of high school, best friends, clicks, high school boyfriends/girlfriends, switching best friends daily, the pressures of drugs and drinking, wanting to be more mature and an adult only to realize in the end you wish you could have been a kid your whole life. Peter Pan had the right idea, wouldn’t you say?

Talk about imagination being endless. But the truth is, that’s no way to live. As a kid, you will never find love. [I have studied and dissected the TRUE story of Peter Pan over a period of months for an analytical research]. Peter Pan’s shadow represents his consciousness. The shadow expresses the surface of what he is feeling, his mischievous side. So what is it in OUR bodies that make us control our normal animalistic and instinctive qualities? In truth, Peter Pan is one of the most complex and emotional stories. No I do not mean the cartoon Disney version, because it represents nothing about what Peter Pan is meant to express. J.M. Barrie was a tortured soul, lonely, lost for love. Until he finds four boys in a family with a widowed mother. His inspiration for the character of Peter Pan came directly from one of the boys, of which he admittedly stated to the public and the boy. What people do not know is this Peter Pan WAS real, Peter Llewelyn Davies, and his story perpetuated the idea of Peter Pan. A tortured soul with no parents (for they had both died by the time he was ten), torn in life to find love, family, and overcome his family’s sickness and brother’s suicide. The REAL Peter committed suicide when he was 63, having lived a despairing life. The character of Peter Pan is like any human, wanting power, dominance, to defeat the “bad guys” in our life. Pirates area representation of all adults, a loss of love, lost hope, and constantly trying to escaping the never ending ticking clock, that life and time is passing us all by. In reality, everyone in Never Land is lost, and unsure of their purpose in life, trying to escape the world and its reality, not wanting to face real problems. Why be like the Darsley’s, living poor without enough money to have a nanny that they have a dog, unable to pay bills, unsuccessful in life. The character of Captain hook and Wendy, John, and Michael’s father is played by the same character for symbolic reasons. All adults are alike, though both contrast in character, both ultimately face the same issues.

Another complex story Disney turned giddy is Alice in Wonderland. Do not get me wrong, I love Disney, and wish it was real. But that’s the idea….this is why TV exists, to take us out of our real life and try to find some enjoyment in the possibility of fiction. Luis Carol was a petefile and drug addict. The true story/novel of “Alice in Wonderland” is written in fragments, and a stream of consciousness, The story is a drug trip, the reason being because Luis Carol was on acid and L.S.D. while writing the story. Based on the Victorian era, where five year old children were taught to act 30, there was a paradym complex in establishing what was just, moral, and proper for what age. Luis had an obsession with a little girl who lived down the street, and fantasized about her. This novel reveals his obsession, and goes off on a rant of a girl “going down the rabbit hole,” a spinning tunnel of confusion, in a world where everything is distorted. All she wants to do is get out. Luis Carol wanted to escape his life and obsession, but also escape the reality of the world by doing drugs.

So what truly is consciousness? How much are you conscious of as a child? On drugs? After tragedy? “A diamond has many different facids, one triangle is your truth, but there are many different facids, and they all reflect on each other. You can decide to have a limited point of view and see which you accept. But the truth is all are correct in different perspective.

Are we completely aware and present 100% of the time? Your mind is partially here…and somewhere else….and partially asleep.

“It’s really critical to think about consciousness.”

“You can actually address things that used to be considered cooky.”

“When you say god what do you mean?”

“What are you imagining when you say God?” – “Again, religion.”

 My reaction: Please explain cancer….is it a decision by God or something scientific or something random?

 From the movie “The Santa Clause” : Just because you’ve never seen a million dollars, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. – Santa Clause, we believe, our imagination wants us to create a purpose and meaning.

 Some stimulus that creates a random thought…..

Evolution > progressive. We make connections and try to link animals with one another, even though there are so many gaps. We will never be able to PROVE evolution because we can no longer find the ancestors that have died out. So is it random?

 Sense of power shift. Why do people attack? To start war, and challenge authority and power. Ex) pearl harbor — > See, it is something we CHOOSE to see in WHY it happened

“Are you trying to say that truth is relative?”

“I believe truth is absolute, in the sense you can’t say there is no such thing as gravity. Just because someone says ‘gravity doesn’t exist’ doesn’t mean it doesn’t. That is a truth of OUR reality.”

“Yes, but absolute truth changes.”

Religious people annoy me. THEY are the ones not open to others ideas. You believe it, so it’s true for you.-what I believe might not be the truth.-Just because everyone in the world believes something, doesn’t make it true. – A truth can’t change. Which truth? Any truth. Unless the object changes Our perception changing doesn’t change the color of an apple.

If everyone were colorblind, then – then our perception would all be wrong-But that’s what everyone can see. ***What if we ARE wrong, and the apple isn’t red. It is what is NORMAL. What is normal is what the MAJORITY does. Red is a perception humans have created. WE named it red.  Giraffe might see it as the human perception of blue. So are we right and Giraffe’s wrong? How will we ever know if we are right? What IS the ABSOLUTE truth then. What if there is an ultimate truth? We can NEVER truly know. So then, the TRUTH IS ALWAYS changing. SO in a sense, both can be happening at the same time.

Forrest Gump – Mama always said everyone has their destiny and needs to find it. Lt. Dan says everything is just accidental, we are all occurring like a breeze. So which is it? Maybe it’s a little of both?


‘Nothing really happens, unless you see it without the observer, it doesn’t happen.’ What about if a tree falls, and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Perception has a lot to do with everything.


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