nanotech, and half of the elements

I loved the way James Gimzewski presented himself last Wednesday. He was interesting to listen to, and certainly kept me engaged the entire time. I am probably not the first to say that I am far from being well versed when it comes to the topic of nanotechnology, however, James clearly is. And, he is also clearly in love with it. It was wonderful to see someone who loves something so much come talk about it, his passion clearly came through in the lecture, and I think seeing how excited he was about it got all of us excited as well. I loved his unconventional approach to teaching, which certainly made my class I had after this one all the more hard to sit through (reading off of power points isn’t quite as exciting).

The first day of presentations was interesting. It was nice to see, again, how creative some projects were. I particularly liked the one about the ice statue, that would show the negative effects of cholesterol, I think. I was also really impressed with the project that connected obesity and urbanization. It was a really interesting connection as well as a very interesting project. I hope that the second half of the projects presented are as informative, diverse and interesting as the first, which I am sure they will be.


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