Reaching for a Better World-Van Huynh

Although nanotechnology is a very interesting topic, what intrigued me most on Wednesday’s lecture, was Professor Vesna’s lecture on the top issues in the world today. Hearing what problems the world is faced with today spurred many thoughts in my mind. I can’t help but to explore some of the subjects.

Many third world countries are starving. Many are contracting diseases such as aids. Many are without water. Many just don’t have the resources like Americans do. The only way to preserve the Earth is taking action. However, we need people to participate.

The first thing that comes to mind, are the upper class. The upper class is mainly made up of celebrities, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, essentially, those who went to college.

Other countries are always seeking the help of Americans, but frankly, only a few have the advantages and resources to provide aid. I constantly watch commercials and listen to speakers who advocate for taking action against global warming or donating a dollar or two to fund a child in Africa. However, watching my surroundings I am only full of anger.

People place blame on those who do not try to participate in changing the world. I do the same as well, but I have come to the conclusion that some people just cannot participate.

For instance, to prevent global warming from taking over, we should reduce, reuse, recycle things like plastic to energy. But I begin to think about the people I know-my parents, my friends’ parents, the people I have been exposed to. Do you know why people use styrofoam over plastic? It’s cheaper! My parents and many immigrants coming from poor countries came to America with no higher education background, working their tails off day to day doing labor-intensive work just to put food on our tables. All these jobs I see are all for the more privileged people. I see people getting pampered all the time. My parents scrub feet and polish nails for a living. My uncles mow people’s lawns for a living. My friend’s parents clean people’s houses for a living. They barely live off these professions. They can’t afford to give their time or money to environmental and political projects. They can’t even take time off to take a vacation. People could say yeah, they’re just too lazy to go to school. These people are ignorant. They don’t understand that it is just impossible, especially for providing for a large family.

What this brings me to is the people that can help, but don’t. I thought when I went to college, I’d see the most active, helpful, and involved people I could ever see. I see a few. But I see more lazy people than I do active. People here have the advantage of really creating change for the world, but all I ever notice is they’d like to go to school, get good grades so they can make a lot of money, and go to the toga party at the fraternity house on Thursday.

I’m a college student as well. I can barely make a living, but I can participate in project aiming for the welfare of others. I can barely afford to donate, but I donate from time to time. Maybe if some of the students here would concentrate less on partying and giving even a few cents instead of on lavished items, some bigger changes could really happen.

Essentially, I’m just saying to consider these situations and consider how we’ll be able to make this world a better place.
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