Reforming the formed

As a part of being human, once again, we try to manipulate and destroy all that is natural. Rather thank be happy with ourselves, and make the most of what we have, we continually try to personify an idea of perfection. But what is perfect? Only in ‘the eyes of the beholder.’ One person may be in love with another, but another may hate that very same person. What dictates such actions? Only perception. We cultivate, construe, and wrench ourselves to be what we believe everyone else wants us to be – or what we believe will spark everyone’s attention. Why can’t we just be happy with ourselves, for ourselves? The one woman who undergoes physical alteration, mainly in the form of plastic surgery, is said in the words of Victoria Vesna, to be art. Tattoos are another form of art manipulation on the body…why should this be any different? People in Africa wear long necklaces to stretch their necks, or pierce their faces, or make their skin bubble. Every culture is different. But one thing ALL humans do over any animal is try to “perfect,” or basically screw around with, the appearance they have already been born with.The movie Brazil shows the main character not wanting to succumb to the bs materialism of life. He does not need a hirer status job, he does not need to alter his appearance.  But in this sense…he’s behaving inhuman.Why can’t humans be less humane?


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