Response to first reading

When making a comparison, the best way is through analogies. This allows the reading audience to connect on a personal level where a subject that they understand is referenced. “Bridging the gap” between the world of art and science is this type of analogy. I found it clever to make a pun on the association of a bridge with art and science. In the literal sense, a bridge requires artists to design and create the architecture of the bridge, yet at the same time math and science are necessary to calculate the orientation, shape, and size of the bridge. This statement opened my eyes to see art and science are combined around the world in everyday life, and how people lose sight of the relation by thinking to literal. The analogy made is trying to get people to realize this gap between art and science is not so significant, and should not be. What distinguishes art from science, when the two were once on entity?The new theory of conception is the third world technology. Rather than trying to recombine art and science, the third world already exists. New technologies require computers to design and cultivate programs and systems, but computer graphic designers need to know the mathematical based schematics in order to design. So where does the boundary lie? I believe the third world is the new force of art and science for the future.


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