The TA’s give their rendition

Each TA has a complete introspective and innovative idea. I was surprised to discover that John completely focussed on science, yet later in his studies cultivated an artistic quality to his science. This is one personal example expressing my idea of how sciences craves creativity and artistry, and visa versa. Gil’s music style requires mathematics and schematics to create a structure within the vertility and expressiveness of his art.Having studied about medical science, I am very familiar with MRI machines and their capability. However, I have never sought to think of the images created by the machine as art. But when thought of, different parts of the brain expressing memories, learning, etc. can create and image of wonder, of light. There will be a passion from the art, but a meaning behind the science. Within the same context idea, Gil’s music breaks the bounds of not being free and scattered, but requiring a study and exact measurement, as would be used in a science.So I pose this ultimate and continuing question, hoping it should already be resolved : Is there a need for the third culture, or are we merely too blinded to see that science and art already coexist.


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