A Reflection – Chris Brackert

            So, it is the last week of class.  How did it all go?  Well, in my opinion, it was all a huge success.  We managed to educate in the path of the third culture.  North campus and South campus majors alike enjoyed the class (I think).  Personally, this has been one of my favorite classes at UCLA. 

To me, art is such a special thing.  It takes real guts to be an artist.  You have to go out into the world and present yourself and your ideas to be judged.  Judgment about artists and their art comes from all sorts of people, so in the end, you are guaranteed to have some negative feedback.  This is a harsh world.  A lot of luck goes into making it big in the art world.  A lot of luck and a lot of hard work.  I am a firm believer that a good, successful artist must put much time and energy into getting known in the art community and beyond.  For this, I have always been jealous.

Being a computer Science Major, I tend to find myself spending much of my time at a computer.  I really want to learn about the artsy world around me and explore my artistic side.  (OK, I do happen to spend a heck of a lot time playing music with my band, but not as much as I would like).  I feel like I am trapped in my South campus bubble, and have no ability to explore elsewhere.

This class has opened my eyes and increased my hope that I can pursue an art career as well as stick with my Engineering major.  I had never previously thought about the idea that things I have been learning in my classes could possibly be applied to art.  Now, I believe the complete opposite.  In fact, in some ways, my scientific background could potentially help me create art that someone without that knowledge could have never even dreamed of.  All of this excites me very much and I hope to continue learning about the things that we have only touched the surface of in this class.

Thank you to Victoria, the TAs, and all the guest lecturers (even that crazy green bunny guy).


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